Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free Entertainment Tips

Often the best entertainment is free or for a little cost. Find out how you can still have fun without hurting your wallet:

  1. Check out books, DVDs and CDs at the library. They’re free and nothing beats freebies.
  2. Check out free museums. Museums offer a pleasant entertainment and they’re free.
  3. Trade games, books, DVD’s and CD’s with your friends or online.  Consider buying used  when possible, and sell them on eBay after you’re done with them.
  4. Catch a matinee movie. Usually before 5pm. Buy matinee tickets and save up to 40% off the regular ticket prices. If you’re going to the movies at night, try buying movie tickets at Costco and save a few bucks. Check to see if your company sells movie tickets at lower rates. You pay promo / discounted rates and it’s cheaper than buying at the gate.
  5. See a free screening movie. Your local theaters may show free screening of soon-to-be-released movies. Try Paramount Movies screenings and FilmMetro.
  6. Volunteer to help out at the event or concert. Most events need volunteers. Offer to help out and catch a portion of the event for free.
  7. Have a movie night. Get together with your friends for a movie night and discuss about it after screening.
  8. Use rechargeable batteries for your remote control. Three billion batteries go to waste each year, all containing harmful metals which can contaminate the environment. Use rechargeable batteries and help save the earth, while saving your money.
  9. Play board games. Play Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, etc. with your friends.
  10. Play video games. Web sites like Miniclip and offer free online and arcade games. And Gamefly for cheap video game rentals.
  11. Attend community events. Check the local colleges, libraries, newspaper listings, and city bulletin boards for special entertainment events that you can attend for free.
  12. Do outdoors. Go hiking, take a walk in the park, and get together with your friends to play beach volleyball, basketball or tennis. Outdoor activities are fun and engaging, and you can get some exercises.
  13. Buy annual passes. Amusement and water parks often have annual tickets that you can buy for not much more than the cost of two or three day passes.
  14. Sing karaoke. Get together with your friends for a karaoke night. Ask your friends to bring their own DVDs so you’ll have more selections of songs. Also, checkout online karaoke.
  15. Attend book readings. Your favorite authors may be going to the bookstore or library near you to promote their new books. Attend the authors’ readings and discussions for free.
  16. Go to public libraries. Your local library offers free books and magazines, free internet access, and free reference materials. Public libraries are the best resources for free entertainment.
  17. Watch online videos. You can find free music videos, animation, comedy, and other interesting, viral clips on YouTube and other online video sites.

In your opinion, what are the best entertainment tips?

Have any frugal entertainment tips you’d like to share?

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