Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GotoDaily updates

Hello and welcome all! Since we officially launched our Social Shopping Application earlier this week, we’ve received great thoughtful feedback from our users, as well as merchants who are interested in partnering with us. Some of you personally contacted us through our contact page, while others commented through other media platforms. We sincerely appreciate all your feedback as it has helped us improve GotoDaily and make the site more user-friendly. For merchants who are interested in posting coupons on our web site, please be patient with us as we are working hard to respond to you as quickly as we’re able.

GotoDaily is still in its infancy so there are still some bug fixes, feature changes and content updates. Here are some of the areas that we’re currently working on:

  • Search – We’re working on improving our search tools to give you more accurate results. Search by Keywords tool will be optimized and upgraded in the coming days to give you better search results.
  • Stores – We’re adding more stores and coupons. Some of our users have subscribed to a number of stores to receive alerts on the latest coupons, and as you may know, some stores currently do not have coupons, most noticeably is the absence of Apple coupons. We’re working on adding coupons for Apple and a lot more stores. Your subscriptions help us know what you’re looking for and what stores need to updated more frequently — check back often for new stores and coupons.
  • Connecting the dots – We realize that when we launched GotoDaily, there were still some disconnects between features. We will be putting more feature enhancements in the coming weeks to make it easier for you to use — ultimately, allowing you to easily connect with friends and save more money.
  • Quick comments – We’ve removed a few emoticons and quick comments in the user homepage, and we’re currently working to replace them with better ones. As with other new social networking features, there are bound to be quirks and kinks to work out. “Connect” feature is one of them.
  • Holiday shopping – The busy shopping season is coming and at GotoDaily, we work harder than ever to ensure you get more savings when you shop for gifts — online or offline — for your loved ones. We will be adding some great new features to help you shop for the holidays. We will update this blog when they’re ready for release.

The GotoDaily team is hard at work in putting finishing touches on a few other features to be released soon. We are a small team, who work hard to serve GotoDaily’s users.  While we’re fixing bugs and adding more features, please continue to drop us your feedback, and we will respond accordingly.

We’re off to coding and adding more coupons, enjoy!

The GotoDaily Team :)

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