Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tips to Save Money on Food & Grocery

Below is a list of money-saving tips that you can use to reduce your food and grocery bill:

  1. Buy only what you eat. Don’t stock up food in your fridge if you’re not going to eat them.
  2. Don’t throw away food. Got leftovers? Pack them for lunch. And don’t cook more than what you can eat.
  3. Pack your lunch. Why eat out at expensive restaurants when you can pack them and save about $5 to $10 dollars a day.
  4. Buy store brands. Brand name foods are often more expensive than generic store brands. The food quality is usually the same.
  5. Buy specials. Avoid paying full price whenever possible. Check out your weekly sale newspapers and see what’s on sale.
  6. Check unit pricing. It may be better to buy two smaller packages of the same item rather than buying in bulk, which may cost more. Comparing prices based on unit cost can save you money.
  7. Shop at the ethnic grocery stores. They offer competitive prices, often lower than name brand supermarkets. And they may offer other interesting items that you can’t find anywhere else for less.
  8. Recycle, recycle. Don’t throw away those 17 FL Oz plastic bottled water. Recycle and get 3 cents back for each bottle. You’ll receive cash, while helping to save the earth.Recycle other products like cans of chicken broth, milk and orange juice cartons, and other recyclable items even though you may not make money on them.
  9. Clip coupons. Subscribe to Sunday’s newspapers and use your coupons. Try online grocery coupons.
  10. Grow your own apple and lemon trees. Why buy when you can grow them. Growing trees are great pleasures beyond saving money.
  11. Buy in bulk. Got a big family? Buy in large quantities and save more. Go to Costco or Sam’s Club, and stock up the cereals, produce or items that you can feed the whole family. But avoid buying more than what you eat.
  12. Do your groceries with a full belly. Don’t do your grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You’re likely to buy more than what you eat.
  13. Create a grocery checklist list and avoid buying on impulse. Write down what you need to buy for the week and make sure to stick to it.
  14. Do your groceries without the kids so you can avoid spending money needlessly (impulse buys).
  15. Make coffee or cappuccino at home. You’ll save at least $2 or more a day. If you can avoid buying cappuccino every working day, you’ll save at least $520 in a year.
  16. Avoid paper towels. Instead use washable towels or rugs.
  17. Buy whole grain cereals. Sugar cereals are often more expensive and lack nutrition.
  18. Avoid meat and steak. They’re expensive. Try vegetarian food.
  19. Drink water instead of sodas, iced tea, beer, etc. It’s better for your health.
  20. Cook because eating out is expensive.
  21. Sign up for club card. You’ll get discounts on things that are only available for club card holders. Next time you shop at Safeway and Albertsons, ask about their club or discount card (also known as Frequent Shopper Program) – it’s free and it saves you lots of money.
  22. Keep your eyes on the scanner and catch any errors or overcharges. Double check the receipts before you walk out of the store. Human errors are common, but shoppers often overlook them.
  23. Read the labels and expiration date. Know what you’re buying and gauge how long you can keep it.
  24. Avoid store-prepared items like vegetable mix and pre-made sandwiches. You pay premium prices on these convenient items.
  25. Try it first before you buy. Some grocery stores offer free food tasting. Eat it free so you’ll know whether you should spend money on it or not.
  26. Avoid buying individual items conveniently shelved near the checkout stand or register, like magazines, snacks, candies, razors, etc. Stores mark up the prices on some of these items that you can buy in bulk and for less money just a few aisles away or at other stores.
  27. Shop perimeters where you’ll find healthy foods like fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, chicken, milk, orange juice, yogurt, and cheese, compared with the baked, pre-packaged and pre-processed foods displayed in the middle aisles.
  28. Shop at outlets. Check out grocery outlets like Aldi, Grocery Outlet and Shopper Food Warehouse, as well as specialty stores like Trader’s Joe.
  29. Do your groceries online at, Peapod, and Grocery. You’ll save gas, money and time. Before you shop, check out our online grocery coupons.
  30. Shop less. Why visit the grocery stores multiple times in a week when you can buy everything you need in one trip. You’ll save gas and time. Check out our gas saving tips and learn how you can save money on gas.

Hope you find these grocery tips useful. Do you have your own grocery tips that you want to share? Add to the list below.

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