Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update: Performing system upgrade tomorrow’s morning

As some of you might have known, GotoDaily was down for about 2 hours (not 45 minutes) last Friday, May 8, 2009.  Our datacenter lost power and the backup power (UPS) didn’t kick in as it was supposed to, causing GotoDaily to go down abruptly.  GotoDaily is now back up and running, although the site is not performing up to its standard as it currently runs very slow; our search tool is particularly slow.  To fix this problem, we will need to perform a system upgrade tonight between 1am to 5am.   We will try to keep GotoDaily up and running as much as we can; however, you may experience intermittent disconnect during the scheduled upgrade.  Rest assured that we’re working hard to restore the site’s performance to its full capacity.

Thank you for your understanding!

The GotoDaily Team


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