Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Add a New Store & Promote Your Coupon Codes for Free

Over the last five years, a lot of users have shared coupon codes and promo codes on GoToDaily. However, given that GoToDaily did not have all of the stores listed, many coupon codes did not get displayed on GoToDaily.

Add a Store FormNow we’re giving merchants and store owners a chance to add their business on GoToDaily and share their coupon codes for free. It’s easy to add a new store. Just click add a merchant to begin the process.

Note: You must logged in to add a store. If you don’t have a GoToDaily account, you can easily create one.

Add a Merchant WidgetWe do require that you embed our coupon widget on your website so the users can find your coupons on GoToDaily. You can embed the coupon widget anywhere on your website although we do hope that you embed on your homepage at the bottom footer or anywhere that fits.

Once you’ve embedded the coupon widget, our admin will be notified immediately and if it meets our terms and guidelines, we will add your store to GoToDaily.

If you have any questions about the Add a Merchant feature, please let us know.



These are just a few of today's new coupon codes. For complete listings of online coupons and coupon codes, please visit GoToDaily and use our search tool to find coupon codes from your favorite stores.

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